I almost met Justin Bieber... AGAIN!

7 Mär 2020
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I'm Molly, a typical sushi, makeup, and fashion loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind! I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. I started just doing motivational speaking, but now I make videos and even model! Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together. 💕

  • Hay it's nice to see u I'm also a blind but can see a little bit but I literally got so surprise that movement of ur eye is so perfect that it doesn't even show that ur a blind person nice to see u 👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Way to take advantage of being PARTIALLY LEGALLY BLIND! You are a big bore. Way to describe your outfit in extreme detail. I know you have a disability but a partial one. You are not an example of a blind person and it's offensive to act as one. It shows in many little ways. No pity here, sorry. I could say a lot more but I will not burst your bubble.

    Ron JoslinRon JoslinVor 29 Tage
  • You look beautiful no matter what makeup or not, jet lagged or not, and even if your sick or not.

    BennieBennieVor 6 Monate
  • It's Not A Hatefull Nor Insulting Question JJust A Curous One What Is Special About Meeting Justin Bieber? Or Other Celebrities It's Like Paying A Lot Of Cash For What Exactly?

    Hilarry DuffHilarry DuffVor 6 Monate
  • For some reason she doesn't look like molly to me? I think its because shes so dressed up and shes usally not this dressed up.

    JellyBeanJellyBeanVor 6 Monate
  • When I saw the picture I was like that is not Molly because she hardly wears makeup like that both of looks but I was confused

    Carly MoutardierCarly MoutardierVor 8 Monate
  • I love how she talks about seeing Justin Bieber so much like it's just an regular old ordinary thing.

    Laci ZienoLaci ZienoVor 8 Monate
  • Good attitude, Molly! That’s a good tip about LA- don’t bother celebs.

    Sarah S.Sarah S.Vor 9 Monate
  • Ok but like seriously, I have the same length hair as you, HOW does your stylist get your space buns look so thick and nice????

    Victoria LehrVictoria LehrVor 9 Monate
  • I just d’ont get what « eeg plant emoji blocking means »

    Kevin McdonaldsKevin McdonaldsVor 9 Monate
  • girl you need to tiktok justin :P

    Kirstie LoweKirstie LoweVor 9 Monate
  • I don’t know if it’s because I’m from New York where there’s a decent amount of celebrities as well, but why would you go up to a celebrity?!?! That’s so rude. Edit: I mean when they’re just trying to live there lives. Meet and greets are fine if course.

    Tasnim ZiadehTasnim ZiadehVor 10 Monate
  • So stunning!💖

    JessiRaeJessiRaeVor 10 Monate
  • OMG you've been here in Switzerland...

    Romy –Romy –Vor 10 Monate
  • "I could have been Tickle Me Elmo for Justin...😶...that sounds really creepy." That line was gold! 🤣🤣🤣

    Amanda HyreAmanda HyreVor 10 Monate
  • YOUR HAIR. LOOKS SO. DAMN. CUTE!!!!!! 💜💜✨✨

    Sara WebbSara WebbVor 10 Monate
  • Hi Molly my name is Gisselle but people call me Jess. I am blind to!! I love your videos! Lol

    Gisselle AnzaldoGisselle AnzaldoVor 10 Monate
  • Dang girl you look fab.

    Laurie WalkerLaurie WalkerVor 10 Monate
  • Guuuuurl that lighting and angle at 1:30 is 👌👌👌

    MeganMeganVor 10 Monate
  • Your tan and that purple hair looks fine as all hell together. Girl your smokin ❤️

    Patricia TaylorPatricia TaylorVor 10 Monate
  • I like your wind breaker!

    GabiAPFGabiAPFVor 10 Monate
  • You're so gorgeous girl😍😍

    Brooklyn HayleeBrooklyn HayleeVor 10 Monate
  • Blind ?/maybe editing: Your skin tone looks darker. Do you naturally tan? Or... does it look darker b/c alt tone (i.e spray, at home tanner, etc.) I may be mistaken by ?ing. But if intentional tan, why? Being tan is an overrated physique. If true, does it make you more confident? Basically, how do you build confidence? ...in a world that is highly based on appearance..? 100% nonphys self love seems impossible nowadays. How does significant blindness impact such standards and 900% no judgment..

    Peyton ElliottPeyton ElliottVor 10 Monate
  • @justinbieber #justinbeiber

    Gia LorenGia LorenVor 10 Monate
  • OMG!!!!! your makeup is fire!! you are so gorgeous

    Gia LorenGia LorenVor 10 Monate
  • Your hair is purple purple again?!?

    Kaiten KKaiten KVor 10 Monate
  • Okay but the kid is a racist, entitled, rude, POS who refused to take a picture with a disabled fan, disrespects his fans AND historical artwork, literally ran a guy over on purpose and didn't even stop to see if he was okay... guy is there literal anti-christ. You're way too good for him, Molly.

    LowelliPopLowelliPopVor 10 Monate
    • Justin has done a lot of really really bad things and I am not a fan of him at all. I was when he was a kid back in the “one time” and “baby” days but then I went from him to one direction and became a fan of one direction way longer (I am still a fan of them now) anyway as cruel as Justin was I am trying my hardest to hope that he has changed and to hope that he is now a better person. Maybe he isn’t, who knows. If he does do something cruel again now then I’ll know he isn’t a good person yet but if he doesn’t do that mean stuff anymore then maybe he has really changed. After his “intentions” music video it does look like he has changed, he does a lot of nice things in that video such as literally buy a girl a car, you have to admit that’s really sweet and thoughtful of him and he did help a lot of people in that video. Honestly I’m not even trying to defend him because everything you said in your comment is absolutely correct he was such a shitty person but maybe he changed let’s see. But Molly being a fan of him there is nothing wrong with that, Molly is always a good person no matter what and she has never done anything bad so if she wants to like Justin she can

      LoveMeForMeLoveMeForMeVor 10 Monate
  • this hair is everything!!!

    CassidyCassidyVor 10 Monate
  • Your sooo beautiful Molly!!!

    Angela NavarroAngela NavarroVor 10 Monate
  • Can someone send me in the direction of a tutorial on how to do the hairstyle Molly is wearing please?

    Kerri McVinneyKerri McVinneyVor 10 Monate
  • ...people go to church?

    Fla FlaFla FlaVor 10 Monate
  • You look beautiful.

    Lynn RoseLynn RoseVor 10 Monate
  • Maybe next time.........

    Charlotte GermanCharlotte GermanVor 10 Monate
  • Hi Molly! I’ve been seeing a lot of comments on close captionning on your videos and I wanted to tell you that apparently it is possible to let followers caption your videos on DEhave! I don’t know how it works, but I know the youtuber TenHundred does it and I’m sure many people in this community would happily caption some of your videos for you! I, for one, would love that (I used to work in transcription)! Just a suggestion 😊

    Liza LeblondLiza LeblondVor 10 Monate
  • I almost met justin in highschool 😂 i live near stratford and played a soccer game against stratford in stratfor and he most likely had friends on the team so he was there. I played goal keeper and he sat off to the side behind the net. I tried so hard to play good but i played like crap because i was distracted by justin of course. When the game was over the stratford team surronded him linking arms and walked him back to his car

    KettyKettyVor 10 Monate
  • I thought it was Shawn Mendes you loved?

    Elvis The king of serviceElvis The king of serviceVor 10 Monate
  • Lets hope Next time!

    Islam LichaevIslam LichaevVor 10 Monate
  • Aww that’s so annoying that David kept you from meeting Justin 🤦🏼‍♀️😫

    jenandmoAGjenandmoAGVor 10 Monate
  • That’s actually so unfair because you can’t even like catch his eye across the room to shout or wave him over or anything. Shitty of David tbh. fair to be salty.

    HouseJugHouseJugVor 10 Monate
  • When you said Gallop smelt yummy my head was just ’you got that yummy yum that yummy yummy yummy yummy’

    HouseJugHouseJugVor 10 Monate
  • I had the chance to meet and sit down with Robert Munsch back when I was in the 4 grade. My teacher ended up picking another student, and he didn't even go. I'm still mad about till this very day. I had a huge collection of his books,major fan. He didn't even like the books. Dam you Miss Fong

    Victoria BryerVictoria BryerVor 10 Monate
  • I guess I was kinda wondering if the commands you use with gallop are something you can share or if it's something that your not supposed to really talk about so others don't know the commands??? Maybe

    Jackson AbramsJackson AbramsVor 10 Monate
  • Crazy question but I just watched the video about 10 things you don't like about your guide dog?? ( don't remember the exact title so excuse me if that's wrong) but I was just wondering if you could or would do a video about guide dog commands. I was also wondering while thinking about that cause I've heard you say that gallop understands French but does he also understand you when your talking to him in English?

    Jackson AbramsJackson AbramsVor 10 Monate
  • Nobody could ever 🍆 block me from meeting you. Will you go on a date with me?

    jarred trieslerjarred trieslerVor 10 Monate
  • You look so pretty

    Chloe KhalifeChloe KhalifeVor 10 Monate
  • So what

    EmEmVor 10 Monate
  • Molly, you are so very pretty my friend and such an inspiration to the world 💛

    Mary LivichMary LivichVor 10 Monate
  • MOLLY: I was watching past videos of you and Shane where you guessed what Shane and Ryland look like. So I just want to say, you are so stinking cute! It's hard to wrap my mind around not knowing what I look like or my love ones but I swear; you are so freaking pretty!!!

    Bella VanderhoofBella VanderhoofVor 10 Monate
  • I love her hair. It’s great. And she’s looking good and fresh and awesome. Looking good molly

    Nugget Life!!Nugget Life!!Vor 10 Monate
  • Just sayin', I'm sure you could get away with saying hi at church. Everybody talks to everybody eventually at church. My husband's complaint about church is how long it takes to leave after because I'll stop for whoever wants to stop me.

    Jenna Gets CreativeJenna Gets CreativeVor 10 Monate
  • You look so good here its ridiculous

    Hilary BlaeserHilary BlaeserVor 10 Monate
  • Omggg you are so pretty without makeup! Jealous!!!!

    Vanessa MoralesVanessa MoralesVor 10 Monate
  • Girl your makeup artist SNAPPED

    TaylorMaeTaylorMaeVor 10 Monate
  • You look absolutely stunning in this video, I love the hairstyle!

    Natasha WoodsNatasha WoodsVor 10 Monate
  • Hey molly there is a movie called wild hearts can’t be broken, you would love it. I don’t know if you watch movies often but the story is fantastic.

    Gracyn windhamGracyn windhamVor 10 Monate
  • Love the James Avery

    Bonnie BonnieBonnie BonnieVor 10 Monate
  • my canadian babbies!! i love justin and molly

    Frey CleopasFrey CleopasVor 10 Monate
  • I feel like once you meet you'll probably be best friends.

    KewtieKewtieVor 10 Monate

    ShaunaxxxxShaunaxxxxVor 10 Monate
  • I’ll never get over how much you look like Perrie Edwards especially like 2012 perrie with the purple hair

    VictoriaVictoriaVor 10 Monate
  • Your tan looks awesome 😎

    Kristen GraceKristen GraceVor 10 Monate
  • You are a fangirl for Justin Bieber eh Molly.

    Leo HowardLeo HowardVor 10 Monate
  • That spray tan is ummmmmm welp.....Trump who?

    Savannah WalkerSavannah WalkerVor 10 Monate
  • I like your kitchen backsplash.

    Shala CarterShala CarterVor 10 Monate
  • Your so beautiful even without makeup ❤

    M. RoboM. RoboVor 10 Monate
  • Wow molly your hair looks really pretty in the 2 buns❤❤😍😍

    KittenQueen DeborahKittenQueen DeborahVor 10 Monate
  • Justin is doing some chady things...having pictures of babies on his Instagram and yammi... If you look into to what the elite do.... You never want to meet Justin, ever.

    Primrose CullenPrimrose CullenVor 10 Monate
  • Molly I have always felt like you represent people with all types of disabilities, not only vision related ones. My disability is mobility related because of a spinal cord injury. 3 days ago my left retina detached. Having been a nurse for 26 years before my injury ended my career, I was pretty sure of what was happening and called 911 right away. I was quickly diagnosed yet the hospital that was supposedly the "center of excellence" that I was sent to, delayed another 16 hours or so before doing the cryosurgery that I am now hoping will work. As I sit here, seeing mostly black with my left eye, I want you to know that when I realized that I could be blind in my left eye within a matter of hours, I thought of you. The thought of losing vision in one of my eyes has me already on the "what if" panic train of thought. You are so brave and you are an inspiration. I did not really plan on having another invisible disability but here it is. How will I drive if I can't look over my left shoulder to check the very large (no pun intended) blind spot in my beloved big old Chevy Suburban? You can't trust the rear view mirror in a vehicle that size. Those little blind spot mirrors that go on your mirror don't really cut it either. Tomorrow I will see the retinal specialist for the 3rd time. I keep reminding myself that I have gotten through some really challenging things in life but I still keep getting butterflies in my stomach at the thought of waking up with the vision completely gone each night when I close my eyes.

    Denise maloney pirenDenise maloney pirenVor 10 Monate
  • Canadian magnetism, the only explanation.

    Noah BellerNoah BellerVor 10 Monate
  • Why on earth would you want to be anywhere near Bieber? I hear he's a complete A$$. WAIT! WTF??? A CHURCH has a "VIP section"??? Ya, that's why I'm an Athirst.

    Liz SpencerLiz SpencerVor 10 Monate
  • I want your hair stylist to teach us how to get space buns that magnificent!!

    OlivethePugsOlivethePugsVor 10 Monate
  • I FLUFFIN love you girl.. ive cried my eyes out today. N uve flipped it round again. :) so beautiful n true to yourself xxx lightens my spirits your bloody amazing.. xxx

    kayleigh mangnallkayleigh mangnallVor 10 Monate
  • Beautiful love this look!

    Madeline TubaMadeline TubaVor 10 Monate
  • Your hair looks incredible on you so pretty

    Kimberley McGregorKimberley McGregorVor 10 Monate
  • Omg she is so beautiful without makeup 😍

    Andrea CarrollAndrea CarrollVor 10 Monate
  • Sounds really special that you are that close with his inner minglings lol I'd feel like a little fly on the wall And please meet charlie puth if you haven't already! He is my celebrity crush.

    Mariah RiveraMariah RiveraVor 10 Monate
  • Your hair is sooo cute

    Lauren EdmundsLauren EdmundsVor 10 Monate
  • Why do ur eyes look brown

    Erin annxxErin annxxVor 10 Monate
  • Molly, I know you are exited by nearly meeting a 'celebrity', but I saw a video of JB standing on a high balcony with a friend, with a group of his fans down below on the street; he spit on those people then laughed about it. Another thing that concerns me is how, in one of his videos, he has rapidly flashing images in the background in which one of the images clearly reads: 'Kill The Poor'. I like you Molly and I think you're a great person, so I just wanted to warn you of these things. In short, I don't think JB is a very nice person at all and I fear that not enough people are aware of those creepy things he has done.

    MidnightkittyMidnightkittyVor 10 Monate
  • Doesn't Justin Bieber have a horrible history of disrespecting his fans and being super rude to people serving him? I don't know why he'd merit a second video in that case ..

    NanyNanyVor 10 Monate
  • Molly, you look absolutely beautiful. Love love the look, makeup and hair! That top on you is hot!!

    Lora MacksLora MacksVor 10 Monate
  • I mean NY people kinda understand this about celebrities in LA

    Emma Bath AndBeyondEmma Bath AndBeyondVor 10 Monate
  • Omgawdddd the hair😍😍😍😍

    Riya KaushalRiya KaushalVor 10 Monate
  • With your space buns that close together it makes it look like you have a hair bow. Not a hairbow, like a bow made of hair lol.

    Niki VNiki VVor 10 Monate
  • I love you Molly! Did David dobrick delete your collab together? I can’t find it on his Channel and really want to watch! 💖

    chris24michelchris24michelVor 10 Monate
    • chris24michel it’s about 30 seconds in one of his vlogs.

      ChelseaChelseaVor 10 Monate
  • That is such a super cute windbreaker outfit!

    Nicole HoltNicole HoltVor 10 Monate
  • You’re gonna meet Justin soon! Speak it into existence ✨

    Evelyn LeyvaEvelyn LeyvaVor 10 Monate
  • There’s a VIP section at church?

    Mimi GMimi GVor 10 Monate
  • Most adorable hairstyle go space buns!

    Whimsical EmmycornWhimsical EmmycornVor 10 Monate
  • Hunh wot 😱

    Canadian Music PulseCanadian Music PulseVor 10 Monate
  • Hunh wot 😱

    Canadian Music PulseCanadian Music PulseVor 10 Monate
  • Hunh wot 😱

    Canadian Music PulseCanadian Music PulseVor 10 Monate
  • Imagine going to a party and Justin Bieber is just living his best life in your proximity.

    Pew PewPew PewVor 10 Monate
  • Molly, I just wanted to say that I love watching your videos! You always put me in a better mood and you really are an inspiration to so many people. You're a beautiful person!

    Miranda LuuMiranda LuuVor 10 Monate
  • Hi Molly! So I know how much you love soft things and stuffed animals... I mean you literally have a stuffed animal wall😂. There’s this brand called squishmallows and they are the softest, squishiest stuffed animal EVERRR! I feel like it’s something you would fall in love with!

    Alyssa MoniqueAlyssa MoniqueVor 10 Monate
  • Your look is so stunning! The hair, makeup, shoes, and the outfit are all awesome!!

    H o n e yH o n e yVor 10 Monate
  • I’m an Aquarian too!!! Jan 24th!!

    Buttons!Buttons!Vor 10 Monate
  • Ok your hair looks amazing in that style!!

    animallover5626animallover5626Vor 10 Monate
  • David owes you a JB meet & greet. Period.

    kaitlyn skaitlyn sVor 10 Monate
  • Starbucks did you dirty but YOUR MAKEUP ARTIST SURE DIDNT.

    kaitlyn skaitlyn sVor 10 Monate