My Bestie & I Got Hair Transformations Together!

11 Jan 2020
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I'm Molly, a typical sushi, makeup, and fashion loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind! I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. I started just doing motivational speaking, but now I make videos and even model! Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together. 💕

  • Do you like my bestie’s new silver locks?! What fun color would you dye your hair?

    Molly BurkeMolly BurkeVor year
    • green

      Nickola336Nickola336Vor 9 Monate
    • Mine is purple

      Nancy ENancy EVor 11 Monate
    • My hair is green 😌

      Joslyn EuresJoslyn EuresVor 11 Monate
    • Anyways I have to go ... watch molly bye.

      chubby- UNICORN 444chubby- UNICORN 444Vor year
    • Hey why, to I think molly is so hott?

      chubby- UNICORN 444chubby- UNICORN 444Vor year
  • from the thumbnail i thought it was brad mondo

    Alax LackeyAlax LackeyVor 4 Monate
  • Natsuki

    hahaha nohahaha noVor 8 Monate
  • I have short legs long torso but I am still short I am 13 almost 14 and I am 4’ 11”

    Caitlin FreemanCaitlin FreemanVor 11 Monate
  • Where is mollys mum from? Sounds like different accents

    Amy MillenAmy MillenVor 11 Monate
  • Barber looks like an Ed Bassmaster character

    HigherHigherVor 11 Monate
  • Personnally, I think her best hairstyle was when she was a brunette. with bangs. She looked sofisticated. For me, vibrant artificial colours look good only with heavy dramatic make-up, which she doesn't often have.

    Myriam BressaniMyriam BressaniVor 11 Monate
  • Am I the only one who thought that it was brad mondo

    Michelle BrownMichelle BrownVor 11 Monate
  • He always sounds like he's losing his voice

    Blueapril05Blueapril05Vor year
  • Looks so good. I wish it would be more of a solid purple but it's a great job either way

    Not a Beauty GuruNot a Beauty GuruVor year
  • Omg! You both look great! Where is that place?

    PuppyLuv2504PuppyLuv2504Vor year
  • May I ask. I'm really curious and I'd rather ask than make assumptions. How do you know if u love the haircut and the colour and stuff like its darker at the root but u wouldn't know that unless they told u. Just curious like in general how do you know if the hair suits u or the jeans look good on you or the bed you want looks good.

    BlingItOnBlingItOnVor year
  • she should have corrected the was sooooo nice!

    Moonshadow MunchkinsMoonshadow MunchkinsVor year
  • You all look stunning and your mama is so lovely, I love how bold her hair color is

    demonicastardemonicastarVor year
  • And now I want to dye my hair!.... lol You both look Fabulous! ^.^

    Melissa F. M.Melissa F. M.Vor year
  • Molly is so pretty I absolutely love the hair but I almost like the color when the purple is faded it gives a very pastel pink purple vibe

    Michelle WeigeleMichelle WeigeleVor year
  • Briza is so cute

    floral loralfloral loralVor year
  • Van you imagin how a world will be where we all are blind?

    the awaking the awakingthe awaking the awakingVor year
    • For a place beyond?

      the awaking the awakingthe awaking the awakingVor year
    • Does any one know a path?

      the awaking the awakingthe awaking the awakingVor year
  • Please do a new apartment tour once you’re settled in! We all love you!

    Izzie HatchIzzie HatchVor year
  • Hey Molly! I don't think you'll actually find this comment but just in case you do, I have a question. See, I was talking with my family and my sister thinks in concepts instead of words, while I think in pictures and images. How do you like... think? How does your mind process things? I know, weird question, but I'm curious and I wonder if yours is much different.

    Saltii HeartsSaltii HeartsVor year

    rockabilly3333rockabilly3333Vor year
  • Just heard your interview with Tom Powers on BBC or CBC radio. I only listen to the radio if it broadcasts something inspirational or otherwise I turn it off. It was truly wonderful to hear about your journey. Congratulations on your achievements and getting to where you are now. I'm from Oakville too....but live elsewhere now. I wonder if you've ever had a meal at Sunlight Grill. I was once a server there. Keep shining !!! 📿🙏💜

    Angeliz AngelizAngeliz AngelizVor year
  • Video Idea: testing out/using apps for blind people. (Ex. Be my eyes)

    WaterWaterVor year
  • omg molly you look amazing and so does brayden :)

    Alexis HaywardAlexis HaywardVor year
  • Hello Molly its so inspiring to see how you can still shine even after what has happned to you i came here from shane dawsons video and i must say i am very glad to see you pushed through it all!

    Madison LathamMadison LathamVor year
  • You are the most beautyful girl ive ever seven, wish I can meet you sometime, that would be a please, hugs from Colombia!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nicolas PovedaNicolas PovedaVor year
  • Hey Molly just want to say I heard you on CBC radio station from Montreal this morning. I knew who they were interviewing because I saw you in Casey Neistat vid a while back. Anyway I think you are brave and I wish you continued success please understand if I don't subscribe to your channel

    Pablo GonzalezPablo GonzalezVor year
  • Hey Molly. Fellow Canadian and DEhaver ( videos for cats) just discovered you via your interview on cbc news. Listening to you now.

    Handsome NatureHandsome NatureVor year
  • You say process wrong

    Kathy KinderKathy KinderVor year
  • When you say this is this n somthing doesn’t pop ups

    Kathy KinderKathy KinderVor year
  • Molly, this has nothing to do with the video, but I know you'll read the comments so I just wanted to let you know thank you. Because I have watched your videos for a few years now, I have seen the way you work devices like your phone and tablet. that knowledge of how you work your items made my job easier today. See, I work at an office supply store where we also offer tech support. My associate had a lady come in with an issue with her tablet. I hear it talking to them and I see my fellow associate having issues hitting the buttons regularly. So I go "is that the accessibility feature that's on?" My associate didn't know what was going on. I took one look at it and realized it is set for those who are blind or have minimal eyesight. Because I knew how you work your phone, i was able to mimic what you do and got to the setting needed to turn the functionality off so it would work for a sighted person without issues. I explained to the lady what had happened and how to get in again if it ever happens again. She came in completely confused and not knowing if her tablet was able to be fixed and left with a tablet that was back to her version of normal. She was so happy I knew what to do. Since it was a simple setting change, we didn't charge her for fixing it. She was grateful that I knew how to work the tablet in the mode it was in. Kicker is, I don't work in the tech support side. I work in the print department. I just heard it and knew and it's because of you! Thank you molly, your videos taught me something I never knew I would need to know how to do!

    Shelia LoganShelia LoganVor year
  • Please react with your mom to In The Dark! It’s on Netflix!!

    Alyssa LarsenAlyssa LarsenVor year
  • "my dear friend Brayden doesn't know much about hair products"

    Silver McloughlinSilver McloughlinVor year
  • Bradon is adorable 🥺♥️

    Gianna RodriguezGianna RodriguezVor year
  • Anyone think that he was Brandon was brad mondo?

    Eliza LambertEliza LambertVor year
  • Girl, I do not know if you know about this app, but it seems pretty legit. It is called "Be my eyes". It is for the blind/visually impaired!

    ScarletShadow02ScarletShadow02Vor year
  • I 100% agree w him on the beauty store thing!!!! ORGANIZE BY PRODUCT NOT BY BRAND 2020

    Courtney JCourtney JVor year
  • Hey Molly! there's an online swimwear brand called Jolyn that I think you'd really really enjoy! Could you do a review on them?

    Lani-Marie CarbonelLani-Marie CarbonelVor year
  • Your probably never going to read this but I am working on a project about guide dogs and I needed reliable sources and the first person that came to mind was you so thank you for all you do. Oh and this has nothing to do with this video but it’s the most recent one. Love you

    Ella DunganElla DunganVor year
  • Do you think you could make a video on trying social media adds for clothing? I have seen some pretty interesting clothing Items ! Love you videos you are always so inspiring!!!!!!😊❤️

    Marinda SadlerMarinda SadlerVor year
  • Bradon is actually Gideon from Scott Pilgrim vs the World, change my mind, you can't.

    Tess BillingsleyTess BillingsleyVor year
  • Wow I love your new color it's my favorite color and it fits you so well !

    CatherineCatherineVor year
  • idk why but I love that dudes voice lol sounds like the voice they give gods in every movie ever ! (the guy cutting hair)

    Chelle NalehpChelle NalehpVor year
    • He was in a accident and his heart stopped and they like did cpr hence his you only live twice comment he is very lucky to be alive

      Ella The ellaphantElla The ellaphantVor 11 Monate
    • Chelle Nalehp sounds like he’s smoked for 50 yrs

      Unmuzzled Cranium56Unmuzzled Cranium56Vor year
  • Can you do a video on the be my eyes app

    B RhodesB RhodesVor year
  • Im obsessed with the stylist's Nirvana shirt and equally devastated that it'll be ruined lol

    Casey StricklandCasey StricklandVor year
  • Who else thought Molly was going to get silver too 🤭

    Laura BoraBeeLaura BoraBeeVor year
  • Molly, first let me say I have enjoyed most of your videos (at least the ones I've run across). My favorite was where you met that subscriber who also was going blind but was a swimmer. (I went on to watch the video where they did the makeover at her house and gave her a swim pool) Second, be aware that I'm old (72) so my next comment might not carry much weight as I'm a bit old fashioned. I really liked your hair when it was brown and long. I think you looked a lot better that way.

    sjsz06sjsz06Vor year
  • Molly Burke, I am looking for a braille labeller and I am having trouble finding one in Canada. Any advice where to search?

    My Pie, Your ForkMy Pie, Your ForkVor year
  • Out of everyone on youtube I expected Molly's videos to have a captions option so people with disabilities (hard of hearing, etc.) can watch her videos easily

    Michayla YetterMichayla YetterVor year
  • Molly can you please do a video where you tell a sketch artist what you think you look like. Would love to see how that comes out

    ticforloveticforloveVor year
  • Beautiful all of you. Especially Molly!

    LJ ClLJ ClVor year
  • I have always thought that your hair looks so so flattering at that length. Beautiful. And Braden (spelling) I think it looks great!

    Sharon Cullen ArtSharon Cullen ArtVor year
  • Is Ricky the guy that got in a really bad motorcycle accident?

    Io GainesIo GainesVor year
  • Briza seems lovely but her tilted braid and messy wig drove me crazy. Was so happy when it came off... just OCD kicking in.

    AnaBlueAnaBlueVor year
  • Molly's hair always looks so nice, even though a lot of the time dyed hair can look bad... it's always super pretty!!!!!

    CupcakesCorgisCoasters OhmyCupcakesCorgisCoasters OhmyVor year
  • Why did I think this was Brad Mondo's twin brother Eric in the thumbnail?? Are there Mondo triplets?? 😯 lol

    CaitsFavoriteColorsCaitsFavoriteColorsVor year
  • it so good for you, I like color drake red

    بداية القمر .بداية القمر .Vor year
  • I appreciate that Molly keeps speaking and finishes her sentences when people try to cut her off

    LLVor year
    • She does it to other people and they have to stop talking..

      Kerry HKerry HVor 9 Monate
  • Meh. Your hair is spotty and has banding, pretty color though. His hair looks like a really dull non dimensional crayon colored Grey, nothing like the Inspo photo. The root shadow could be blended into the grey hair better.. but then again idk anything about hair 🤷🏻‍♀️

    MaggieBearMaggieBearVor year

    Cassidy WardCassidy WardVor year
  • The hairdresser is beautiful 😍 and your floofy jacket is everything

    Chloe PekelChloe PekelVor year
  • I really thought that was Brad mondo tbh

    Anna PayneAnna PayneVor year
  • Okay, she keeps saying my name and I'm getting freaked out...

    Braden MedenBraden MedenVor year
  • “It looks great!” I thought she’s blind

    Lindsey CLindsey CVor year
  • For the people who don’t know, his hair will fade to the whitish silver that he wanted, but molly mentioned that he sold get his roots darker so the grow out isn’t so bad and that’s what he got!

    clclVor year
  • Your bestie sounds like you

    GummyGummyVor year
  • Okay but Mama Bee curled up sleeping in a chair was the cutest thing ever

    Kelly RothKelly RothVor year
  • I think it would have been so pretty for brayden to have his roots bleached out and deposited his natural color/tone then like subtle subtle ombre to the gray so maintaining it wouldn't be too harsh. The shadow root is beautiful on him. And MISS MOLLY YES. I just recently cut off about 8in of my hair to my out grown undercut and now it like lightly brushes my shoulders. Love your moms hair as well.

    Jessica WalkerJessica WalkerVor year
  • When I red the title I thought you were getting your hair colored silver too, Molly. 😂

    Tabbitha CoughlinTabbitha CoughlinVor year
  • Goodness you are so pretty!! Love your eyes, and videos! 💕💕

    Kara HiquetKara HiquetVor year
  • Please go Champagne blonde! Love you

    Ocean RideoutOcean RideoutVor year
  • I felt ( & loved this ), so much. Your friends hair , turned out 💣 as did yours, & moms . They are such cool peepzzz at the salon , wish I lived there. I have done many colors to my hair, currently , I. Have dark purple. ( kinda your color), with. Made dark green streaks or blocks # hair fantasy... 🙅👀🌸💜💚💚💗💋

    Syrena MilaniSyrena MilaniVor year
  • Your hair looks awesome! I can’t believe you’re blind but you look right at the camera! Who helps you out these videos together ?

    Dara BrookeDara BrookeVor year
  • I’m from Toronto too :) and I just started watching your channel and I’m already addicted

    Nicole MeganNicole MeganVor year
  • I love briza her whole aura

    tayblesstayblessVor year
  • Mmm that shadow root color aint it sis

    DeeDeeVor year
  • My mom works in the company that made the products you used to bleach your hair and I'm shook

    Kukla!Kukla!Vor year
  • Molly’s hair looks gorgeous! It’s so pretty and shiny and cute! 💜

    Kara BlankaKara BlankaVor year
  • This scares me because I’m going to Sally’s Tomorrow to get stuff to do my hair 🥴

    CanderCanderVor year
  • Literally I am short legs long torso

    Crafty Sweet CarolineCrafty Sweet CarolineVor year
  • I wanna dye my tips of my hair light pink

    Leah SpacekLeah SpacekVor year
  • "You only live twice"

    Sarah KSarah KVor year
  • 🖤

    Monica RodelaMonica RodelaVor year
  • Love you 💘

    Angela BernardAngela BernardVor year
  • Hi Molly! I’m not sure if you get a chance to go through all of your comments, and I’m sure you have little time to respond..but I recently over the last few months have lost most of my central vision, and it’s been very progressive. Because there are no neuro-ophthalmologists in my state, we had to jump through some hoops with my insurance, but I will get to see one of the best around me in a little over a month. But I admit that even thinking a month ahead, I am afraid for what’s going to happen from now until then. I started watching your videos, and your positive outlook on living without sight has helped me a lot, to try to come to terms that I may never get what I’ve lost back, that it will continue to progress, and that I may not find an answer. You’re so positive, and I truly have been enjoying watching (mostly listening) to your videos. You have a beautiful soul, and you have so much mental strength. I admire that so much. Thank you for sharing your life with helps a lot more than you may ever realize. Thank you for making me smile, or have hope during such a dark time for me 💜

    KaterTotKaterTotVor year
  • I actually colored my hair dark blue last week, after i grew out all my previous dye (purple-pink, kinda like mollys hair but more ashy) for a year and a half to go back to natural ... But wheres the fun in that!! I Should try out all the different colors I always wanted. Especially now that im still young and its "socially accepted" in my environment. After all, its just hair and it will always grow back. :--)

    MeowleinMeowleinVor year
  • His color is fine... but that’s a no from me lol

    didodududidoduduVor year
  • Molly Burke throwing some shade lol (:

    Catie MasonCatie MasonVor year
  • I see that Philz Coffee cup!

    ShelleyShelleyVor year
  • I love your hair ❤❤❤

    한Aksapi한AksapiVor year
  • I’d love to see you review the honest company!

    Alex WohlgemuthAlex WohlgemuthVor year
  • Marry him

    Debbie CoveyDebbie CoveyVor year
  • Omg the hairdressers fingers are totally purple from coloring, please please please wear gloves. Beatiful result guys 😍

    Chris BChris BVor year
  • I used to have it dark blue. Impossible to get out but so stunning

    Taylor StrangeTaylor StrangeVor year
  • 11:14 " you wouldn't want short legs and a long torso" I'm feeling VERY attacked right now.

    Glitter MafiaGlitter MafiaVor year
  • Please stop dying your hair, I loved your natural long hair before . I know it's what you want but ..I know you once said your hair is your comfort . The all natural was amazing .

    MiaMiaVor year
  • Wow Ricki sounds great!! He is an amazing hairstylist and definitely an inspiration

    JolietJolietVor year
  • Aw your mother looks so precious in all those blankets

    Izak FuentesIzak FuentesVor year
  • That's not a's a retouch and a trim. And his hair turned out nothing like his inspiration photo. Hopefully that gross ash color fades quickly. 😬

    N. RossN. RossVor year
  • Ive always had fun with my hair, really short, insanely long, medium. Ive given up on crying over hair cuts. LOL. 1) because I have an amazing hair dresser now that can work with my baby fine hair. 2) its just hair!!!!! Which happens to grow! 😆

    TheMachFive PetsTheMachFive PetsVor year