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25 Jan 2020
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I'm Molly, a typical sushi, makeup, and fashion loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind! I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. I started just doing motivational speaking, but now I make videos and even model! Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together. 💕

  • Do you enjoy Q&A videos? What other videos do you want to see from me?

    Molly BurkeMolly BurkeVor year
    • I like all the videos but I’d mix it up with Q & A and how you do videos

      Matthew HarrisonMatthew HarrisonVor 6 Monate
    • since were in quarantine right now wat r u going to do wen u hit 2M subscribers to celebrate

      Mystical MistyMystical MistyVor 8 Monate
    • Try using Hello Fresh

      Roblox _NoobRoblox _NoobVor 9 Monate
    • Can u try and paint your nails sometime

      Amber GregoryAmber GregoryVor 9 Monate
    • you're so open about your life and that's inspiring. The way you talk openly about yourself in an honest way is an inspiration for many people, including myself. You try to stay positive but don't hide the fact that you feel down sometimes. I think this creates less stigma around talking openly about yourself, your feelings and your flaws. We're expected to be happy and positive all the time and that comes with a lot of pressure and judgement from other people if your not. You are a great example for everyone. Wish there were more people like you. Keep up the good work and much love from out of Belgium!

      19TheSplash19TheSplashVor 9 Monate
  • Cool! I am a cat as well , hi 💕👍👋

    annie -MJJannie -MJJVor Monat
  • I wish I knew how you date. I'm paralyzed and all I get from apps are creepy people with wheelchair fetishes.

    Angie PattersonAngie PattersonVor 2 Monate
    • Maybe don't include that you're paralyzed in your bio. Once you meet someone that you click with you can disclose it.

      medallo143medallo143Vor Monat
  • And pitbulls. I love pitties.

    Angie CastroAngie CastroVor 3 Monate
  • I love frenchies too! Especially the blue frenchies!

    Angie CastroAngie CastroVor 3 Monate
  • Omg I have that same hoodie lol and I love itttt

    That Kid396That Kid396Vor 4 Monate
  • Watching from the future. "Would you ever date a blind guy?" "The winner was from Columbia" and here she is with a blind boyfriend from El Salvador

    raindropknowledgeraindropknowledgeVor 5 Monate
  • I can’t believe when she filmed this there was no pandemic. Like mind blown. It feels like it’s been forever since it started yet this was filmed in January.

    Christine WeihbrechtChristine WeihbrechtVor 5 Monate
  • 15:00 the date is now August 8th, 2020. Back when molly filmed this little did she know she would have like 5 months of staying home to get settled in #covid19

    Wendy BucciWendy BucciVor 5 Monate
  • Huskyyyyyys

    Evelyn C.Evelyn C.Vor 5 Monate
  • My favorite breed of dog is Australian sherpard

    JkGrangerJkGrangerVor 5 Monate
  • Somethings wrong with this one🤣🤣

    Nicole TownsendNicole TownsendVor 5 Monate
  • My favorite dogs breeds are lab, boxer, and pit bull

    Matthew HarrisonMatthew HarrisonVor 6 Monate
  • Where did you get your intro music from? And also which platform do you use to make your intro

    BennieBennieVor 6 Monate
  • have you met Rosanna Pansino's blue french bulldog bluberry muffin?

    natalia lucionatalia lucioVor 6 Monate
  • The fact that they gained weight by simply moving to the US says A LOT

    Mac_SilverheartMac_SilverheartVor 7 Monate
    • Right? Scary

      medallo143medallo143Vor Monat
  • Molly's pillow knew about Covid-19 before everyone else

    Casandra L PCasandra L PVor 7 Monate
  • I have that sweatshirt!

    ellpacaellpacaVor 7 Monate
  • I would have picked Eric he seemed more mature

    Ivy CatlinIvy CatlinVor 7 Monate
  • Hii! I don't want to be rude, but I'm curious. As you mentioned that you have preferences in the colors of dog breeds. You can see colors and shapes? Again, I don't wanna be rude, I'm just curious!

    鈴姫雪鈴姫雪Vor 7 Monate
  • You must be at least a little jealous of rosanna’s dogs then

    WaterWaterVor 7 Monate
  • I don't know if this is appropriate or if you even care, but I wanted to say I never noticed a change in your weight, so be confident! ❤️

    InkWhiskersInkWhiskersVor 7 Monate
  • The thumbnail: Why am I telling you this!? Me, Hamiltrash: IM BEING HONEST. IM WORKING WITH A THIRD OF WHAT OUR CONGRESS HAS PROMISED. Edit: Yes, I liked my own comment.

    o0_Petalmist_0oo0_Petalmist_0oVor 7 Monate
  • Omg girl stop Your so pretty ❤️

    JenJenVor 7 Monate
  • Here before Molly is about to hit 2 million!!!

    Hope SoapHope SoapVor 8 Monate
  • little did you know in back in January how relevant your 'staying at home is the new going out' cushion would be!! love you Molly!

    Jasmine NortonJasmine NortonVor 8 Monate
  • My cat is a service cat...she expects to be served constantly.

    LiveYourBestLifeLiveYourBestLifeVor 8 Monate
  • Is it creepy that I love the way she sounds when she’s speaking. That raspy kinda tone. 👀👀❤️

    chorro gayechorro gayeVor 8 Monate
  • I think she thinks she is larger than she actually is. She looks healthy and fit to me. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Bree LimerickBree LimerickVor 8 Monate

    Brenda GardnerBrenda GardnerVor 8 Monate
  • It is a shame you can't see yourself because you are so Beautiful but it is a blessing when u have one of those shitty days...

    winky winkwinky winkVor 8 Monate
  • Been watching all your videos, love them. So U talking about how U look, U 🐝 U! My option U R Gorgeous, Beautiful, Stunning

    Dennis RaskDennis RaskVor 9 Monate
  • I wouldn't wanna live in LA due to the "perfect" people either. And regarding the mirror: I purposely don't look in them sometimes. If I don't see me I'm less likely to think about the way I look 😅

    Kerry HKerry HVor 9 Monate
  • Age 25+ is scary. Age 25 you think hmm I'm getting old but it's still ok Age 26 you're think uh oh.. Age 27 oh oh please stop Age 28 😭😭 Once you hit 30 you sorta give up 😂

    Kerry HKerry HVor 9 Monate
  • I feel bad for Gallop. He always seems tired, based on what you say (or we see) in your videos. It's not your fault, I know - You were given him. But even the DNA test you did said he was likely to be not very athletic. And you've got a busy lifestyle.

    Kerry HKerry HVor 9 Monate
  • okay but gallop is so cute and such a derp

    Milo JacksonMilo JacksonVor 9 Monate
  • Molly, I just have to say that your freckles are so freaking cute, and every time you have no/minimal makeup I'm excited to see them.

    Daisy the BarbDaisy the BarbVor 9 Monate
  • Try using Hello Freash

    Roblox _NoobRoblox _NoobVor 9 Monate
  • Now that I know that gallop is a slow walker, I might have to call him canter now.

    Sunset StarsSunset StarsVor 9 Monate
  • When she said I..... at the beginning I thought she was going to say I am a cat because of her shirt. And I just watched on and she said it already so my comment doesn’t matter anymore....😥

    ShydomShydomVor 9 Monate
  • Even thou you cant see it you are beautiful,

    Ellie BuskillEllie BuskillVor 9 Monate
  • Where did you get Paolo???????????

    Gemma WGemma WVor 9 Monate
  • My favourite dog breed is a golden retriever

    blindlifeblindlifeVor 9 Monate
  • I'd like to get that sweatshirt....I looked on Amazon and theres a lot...where'd you get yours?

    Lizzybear12345678Lizzybear12345678Vor 9 Monate
  • Who else loves Pomeranians?

    Izzy LIzzy LVor 10 Monate
  • You are so much more beautiful than any LA typical girl. You are so stinking cute. Like seriously adorable.

    Emmy WEmmy WVor 10 Monate
  • Oh wow just found out that you were here in Switzerland.

    Romy –Romy –Vor 10 Monate
  • I work at a popular grocery store and one of my first days working there I was assigned to be an assisted shopper for this older lady who had recently lost all her vision and I ended up spending hours helping her shop including helping her pick out a Christmas party outfit. I got so much overtime that day and it was the most fun I had ever had and now when she comes in she asks for me by name even when her sighted husband comes with her she still asks for me to help her shop.

    Artistic AshArtistic AshVor 10 Monate
  • You look stunning as always. I hope your place is starting to feel like home

    mysanaluminamysanaluminaVor 10 Monate
  • You keep saying we and our who lives in the apartment with you?

    Jackson AbramsJackson AbramsVor 10 Monate
  • Please do the meal delivery service. I have multiple health issues, disabilities, and have mobility issues so it's hard to grocery shop. Also, it's hard to cook meals especially due to when 2 of my illnesses in particular, Fibromyalgia & back pain, flare up. So I can relate & could really use one. Thanks for all the videos & the immense inspiration & positivity you provide! Love ya!!

    Sweet TSweet TVor 10 Monate
  • Do not change you just because you live in LA. You are great the way you are and that is the only reason I find myself watching as an older American. There are enough of the other "not real" people in the world. You enable people to be different and that it is ok to be different!

    Vicky LongcrierVicky LongcrierVor 10 Monate
  • This building sounds a lot better than your last one.

    Ashley PetriniAshley PetriniVor 10 Monate
  • I have that same hoodie! Omg!

    Tara St. MichelTara St. MichelVor 11 Monate
  • My fav is a husky!!

    ThatrobloxkidThatrobloxkidVor 11 Monate
  • do u do ur own makeup? if so plz make a vid on how

    Wynn EngelWynn EngelVor 11 Monate
  • 1st: I have that hoodie!! 😻 2nd: Frenchies are AMAZING!! They are definitely one of my very favorite breeds, though I’ve never owned one and my husband said he doesn’t want a dog that snores when it’s awake. 😂 I do have to say, I had a boxer for many years and I LOVE the breed.... really, most mastiff or bully breed has a special place in my heart. I’ve been obsessed with dogs and cats and animals in general since I was VERY young and my family even knows me as the “walking dog and cat encyclopedia”. Also, I “was” a dog for a few years as a kid.... yup, at home, I’d be on all fours, often w/ a robe belt (or a blanket if I was feeling fluffy that day) tucked into the back of my pants. My sister would feed me coffee beans in a bowl (initiate caffeine addiction) and did lock me in a crate a few times. Woof woof! Lol I can’t be the only one. Who else wants to admit it?? Come on.

    Kel FlynnKel FlynnVor 11 Monate
    • I will add, Bernese Mountain Dogs are a mastiff breed. 😊

      Kel FlynnKel FlynnVor 11 Monate
  • Wait, so how do you know which color of frenchies you like best do they give off different vibes or something?

    The Adventures of Pip and CheekThe Adventures of Pip and CheekVor 11 Monate
  • It's awesome that frenchies are your favorite dog! i happen to have 3 and one of them is grey/blue coloring!

    Madi VarcoeMadi VarcoeVor 11 Monate
  • Mollie you are perfect just how you are. Many of those so barbie like girls are so plastic and fake. Your naturally beautiful in all ways. Being real is so much more attractive.

    MommiDonni1MommiDonni1Vor 11 Monate
  • Someone should really start captioning Molly's videos. I'm not deaf, but I can't hear very well and always watch things with captions and boy DEhave's auto captions aren't the greatest.

    Dak UlfssonDak UlfssonVor 11 Monate
  • Thanks Molly for another cool video

    Lizzy LouiseLizzy LouiseVor 11 Monate
  • Does gallop get jealous of your cane? 😂 Edit: btw I’m in a weird place to with self a-steam right now and you really help ♥️ Also I also have a irish mom and dad and I go there every year! We have a lot in common except I’m not blind or from Canada but I am from America! :D I want you to know that your are amazing and never give up ♥️ “god would never put something in your path that you can’t Handel” that quote really helps me and you inspire many ppl ♥️♥️ including me 🇺🇸🇮🇪♥️🇮🇪🇨🇦 - Ciara (a 13 yr old girl from chicago) (: 💕Iysm💕 Ps: I’m also the “different kid” in a way (:

    Kiwi KiwiKiwi KiwiVor 11 Monate
  • You mentioning that you and your mom both gained significant weight after moving to the US despite not changing your eating habits is really telling. There have been tons of studies done about why obesity is an epidemic and why it’s SO bad in the US and quality of food available is a huge thing. There are a lot of chemicals used in both growing and processing our foods that are banned in other developed countries. So you guys noticing a difference so quickly is both sad and expected to me. I really hope you’re able to find good, reliable sources of food to help you stay healthy! Side note: I first saw you when you did a video with Doctor Mike and have been bingeing your videos recently and I NEVER thought “wow, she needs to lose weight.” I always thought you looked like a perfectly healthy weight. I hope no one is making you feel bad for your body changing. Thanks for spreading such interesting and insightful information!

    Raven WolfeRaven WolfeVor 11 Monate
  • Hey molly I’ve been so isolated not going outside and just playing video games but I’ve been trying to get out and think for my own but

    Blind gamer 1994Blind gamer 1994Vor 11 Monate
  • You're perfect the way you are. No one likes everything about their bodies, but personality is everything, even for sighted people. I mean who cares if she's got a perfect body if she's mean, dumb or rude? Only people who don't value themselves make looks the value of the person. You're beautiful, intelligent and you have a great personality. Be you and be proud to be you because you're unique and uniqueness is the sexiest quality anyone can possess.

    Joseph FreemanJoseph FreemanVor 11 Monate
  • im a cheff i cook for you and Serve you breakfast 😉😊 x

    Craig BrownCraig BrownVor 11 Monate
  • Molly, since you're talking about your weight and that you'd like to change it, what if you make a video with a personal trainer? I've seen videos where there are personal trainers that move in for 2 weeks with the person to coach them on exercise, food and groceries and they are not only helpful for you (and your mommy) but also for your audience :) Or if the move-in situation is too much, then just a coaching for a few weeks :P

    Ale NómadaAle NómadaVor 11 Monate
  • I haven't watched the video where your mom picks your date, but since he's Colombian, as I am, now I'm going to watch it haha

    Ale NómadaAle NómadaVor 11 Monate
  • Molly, since you say that your eyes might hurt because of too much light or because they're trying to see at night, wouldn't it help you to keep your eyes closed so they don't have to make an effort? Or is it too unnatural for you to have them closed?

    Ale NómadaAle NómadaVor 11 Monate
  • I'm curious about using electrical items and what the experience is like using electrical sockets as a blind individual? Are there any accessibility features provided for this? Let's say in hotel rooms, or do you have to search for the socket. Was it any different using European plugs compared to North American? I kind of imagine it's probably similar to sighted person trying to use a plug they cannot see but I just wondered. Thank you for your lovely content!

    Kellygirl2688Kellygirl2688Vor 11 Monate
  • Hey Molly, I just want to say I think you're beautiful. And I'm not just saying that to make you feel good, I really mean it. Your skin is really healthy looking and you have a nice shaped face. I like your body too, but it sounds perverted to say that. I just think you're gorgeous!

    Mikage OkumuraMikage OkumuraVor 11 Monate
  • I’m legally blind but don’t have a guide dog. My favorite all time dog breed is a beagle but I absolutely adore my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

    Lori WilliamsLori WilliamsVor 11 Monate
  • I have that hoodie!!

    Isabelle HosfordIsabelle HosfordVor 11 Monate
  • I would love to date you.

    JoeyJoeyVor 11 Monate
  • As someone who once worked in a grocery store, I just want to add that helping people shop (as long as they're not rude and hard to be around in general) - isn't a problem or hassle. So those who may need it can ask without feeling like they're being a burden. Sometimes the job is given to the service counter staff or a manager.. but often we'll pull a bagger away to do it. For the person helping, it basically feels like a free break.. so everyone is more than happy to do it. I did work in a store that was more customer-service oriented, so that probably helps. The biggest test is probably how easy it is to get help in general.

    cetkatcetkatVor 11 Monate
  • Most adorable girl on DEhave!

    ParkmanParkmanVor 11 Monate
  • Do a hello Fresh sponsorship video or something

    Monica HoswellMonica HoswellVor 11 Monate
  • My favorite dog breed when it comes to looks is a Weimaraner, they have the same color fur as your favorite Frenchie. When it comes to personality probably golden retrievers or alaskan malamutes, they are so expressive.

    Iris PostemaIris PostemaVor 11 Monate
  • i have two frenchies 😊 also i love you so very much

    Eva LovvornEva LovvornVor 11 Monate
  • Can you please do a video where you design your whole room???

    Ella EricksonElla EricksonVor 11 Monate
  • You see the vibe part of the video? I think I know why everyone thinks I hate them at first. Im not mean I swear, Im just more reserved because I hate myself😂.

    Mischief ManagedMischief ManagedVor 11 Monate
  • Your beautiful inside and out... don’t compare yourself with the Barbie types you see in a place like LA.

    Cindi MilesCindi MilesVor 11 Monate
  • The self confidence question and answer got me. I've struggled with self image and confidence practically my whole life (like a good majority of us, probably) and ... my image has improved a lil bit, but I still have to avoid mirrors from time to time, or I'll look in the mirror while also making sure, physically and through touch, that I don't have too much of a stomach or whatever. I will say though, ten years ago I hated almost my whole body. Nowadays, on a regular basis, I love my whole body. That's some major improvement. The only part of me I actively want to change every single day is my teeth and unfortunately, that takes a lot more money than I have right now, lol. This all said on my end, I hope you find a way of getting back to really loving yourself. You're gorgeous, Molly. Being tall, blonde and tan is great if that's who you are, but being petite and fair skinned with funky hair is honestly super awesome. Not to mention, your personality is what keeps everyone coming back to your videos. Much love from Washington state. 💜

    SquirrelSquirrelVor 11 Monate
  • I was not a fan of the teddy bear wall, (I found it visually distracting) so I am really loving the new apartment!!

    Hannah MaxwellHannah MaxwellVor 11 Monate
  • Do you know of Tommy Edison? He does the same kinda youtube stuff as you. You only really need to check him out for the style of comedy and the relatability but If you don't know him, I urge you to check him out.

    FidelioFidelioVor 11 Monate
  • Aww my aunt & uncle have 2 frenchies and a pug🥰❤️ I luv r videos and your positivity/ personality 🙃🙂🙃

    Jessica MorrinJessica MorrinVor 11 Monate
  • Oh I think it's BS over in malasyia you can't have guide dogs or any sort of service dogs in airports and lots of public places

    Saturn VeniceSaturn VeniceVor 11 Monate
  • Girl you are so beautiful!!!

    Alli SuhAlli SuhVor 11 Monate
  • Wow. I had no idea you were only one year older than me.

    Christie WeyapukChristie WeyapukVor 11 Monate
  • American portion sizes are a lot bigger than in Canada. I’m always shocked when i go to the states haha but then when i go to japan their portion sizes are half what Canada’s is haha (somehow still always gain weight when i go there)

    The Bean LifeThe Bean LifeVor 11 Monate
  • I love molly so much 😂

    KellyKellyVor 11 Monate
  • Meow

    Dr CrazyEyesDr CrazyEyesVor 11 Monate
  • Molly: Big news, you guys, I'm a cat Blind subscribers: So is she like a furry now...?

    Audrey WasserbaechAudrey WasserbaechVor 11 Monate
  • Where do i get this cat sweater?!

    lindsaylindsayVor 11 Monate
  • You said "visualize" do you still have a visual imagination? Personally I've never had that, I only think in an internal monologue, though I am sighted. Just wondering if how you think has changed as a result of going blind.

    spudd86spudd86Vor 11 Monate
  • You are so cool Molly, love you your gorgeous.

    intesivec0reintesivec0reVor 11 Monate
  • So Molly's parents are married but only her mom lives with her?

    Krysta ClapsadleKrysta ClapsadleVor 11 Monate
  • Ugh Molly your so cute. Also I love that pillow! ❤️

    Samantha AustinSamantha AustinVor 11 Monate
  • Anyone know where I can get that iconic pillow?!?!?!

    Livi WLivi WVor 11 Monate