I Styled CROCS Into Cute Outfits for a Week!

15 Dez 2020
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This video was sponsored by Crocs.
I'm partnering with Crocs for this video to show how cute and comfy they are! It was so fun styling different outfits for this video. Do you love Crocs as much as me?
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I'm Molly, a typical sushi, makeup, and fashion loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind! I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. I started just doing motivational speaking, but now I make videos and even model! Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together. 💕

  • Which outfit is your favourite?! For more fun fashion content, watch this next: dehave.info/down/iICbo5eUanymsqw/video

    Molly BurkeMolly BurkeVor Monat
    • Okay I'm OBSESSED with that sparkly star hoodie! As for crocs, I go classic clog myself!

      Cassandra WCassandra WVor 22 Tage
    • I would also love to know where the black and silver lounge set is from!

      Jill Sarah GJill Sarah GVor 26 Tage
    • where is the lounge set from?

      paperheartwarriorpaperheartwarriorVor Monat
    • monday no Tuesday wait actually Wednesday no Thursday nevermind Friday All the days

      ChloeChloeVor Monat
    • Where was the starry pj/lounge set from? It looked soooo comfortable and cute!

      Sofia ESofia EVor Monat
  • All my family except my dad wear crocs and they are amazing.

    Holly SandersonHolly SandersonVor 14 Stunden
  • Me always bashing crocs...watches this video and realize that Crocs have so many different styles...who knew?! not me! some of those i actually liked!

    Mesara L RobertsMesara L RobertsVor 4 Tage
  • I LOVE the turtleneck from the first day!! Where did you get it from Molly?

    Honey PieHoney PieVor 5 Tage
  • Nice vid.

    Kristina NewmanKristina NewmanVor 6 Tage
  • Obsessed with the upside down MOM and it reading WOW instead. Oh love you molly so cute !

  • where are those lavender jeans from😭 i love them

    Ashley SchutzAshley SchutzVor 7 Tage
  • Cat crocs definitely need to be a thing.

    Terrah BrunerTerrah BrunerVor 7 Tage
  • We need mini crocs for Gallop and Lavender

    Elisha HilkerElisha HilkerVor 8 Tage
  • True story during the past week we were looking for something that would work with my feet and my caregiver suggested Crocs and then today I see this as an option to watch just had to lol

    Elisha HilkerElisha HilkerVor 8 Tage
  • I love the "🐾MOM" upside-down because wow and blind girl moment!

    ERYNERYNVor 8 Tage
  • I never had actual CROCS but I had a teal pair of CROCS material Chucks low top style shoes, I found in a Target garden area, and decided THAT'S what I needed in my life.

    ERYNERYNVor 8 Tage
  • i watch you on tik tok you are blind rite

    Monna's worldMonna's worldVor 12 Tage
  • It's faded as I've gotten older, but when I was a kid I had sensory issues that made a lot of clothing really uncomfortable for me. Shoes were one of the worst (luckily I live somewhere where it doesn't get cold enough for closed-toe shoes to be essential). It sounds melodramatic, but Crocs actually did change my life. They were the only shoes I would wear for YEARS, and having them be reduced to a meme bothered me a lot more than it probably should have. It's nice to see someone else acknowledge that they really are super comfy shoes.

    Meredith RMeredith RVor 16 Tage
  • I just saw a different video on youtube that said all the little bumps inside of crocs is actually braille. Did you know that?

    Michelle GarneauMichelle GarneauVor 18 Tage
  • I have been wearing the Santa Cruz style of Crocs for so many years!! No one believes me when I tell them that they're Crocs, until I show them! They're super comfy and easy to wear!

    WaterflameWaterflameVor 19 Tage
  • I had. Pair of black wedge heeled crocs. I wore them every day for two years until my dog destroyed them.

    CrazyD0gladyCrazyD0gladyVor 21 Tag
  • I loved the platforms and the sneakers! Didn't realize they had other cute and comfortable styles like that

    Madison MejiaMadison MejiaVor 23 Tage
  • My favorite outfit was the second one with the mock neck top - I love that top! I have a pair of crocs sandals that are the best shoes I own. So comfortable, super easy to clean and durable!

    Tanya SlabbertTanya SlabbertVor 25 Tage
  • I got my first pair over the summer and sadly, the texture in the sole is too overstimulating for me. I still love them. Just have to wear socks with them 😂

    Kenza WalkerKenza WalkerVor 26 Tage
  • Btw if u didn't know I thought it was really funny, the crocs fandom has made a name for the flap at the backs position. If it's back its sport mode and if it's forward its relaxed mode haha

    Leah HeardLeah HeardVor 27 Tage
  • i love your newspaper top

    Jermica MassenburgJermica MassenburgVor 29 Tage
  • Makin' my tacky little Canadian heart want a pair of fleece-lined crocs lmao

    Post Traumatic VictoryPost Traumatic VictoryVor 29 Tage
  • I don’t know about you, but where I live crocs are pretty big

    LaurenLaurenVor 29 Tage
  • Aw I love how you quoted Mia. I love to see two of my favorite creators supporting each other.

    Alivia BrownAlivia BrownVor 29 Tage

    gumbyrox89gumbyrox89Vor 29 Tage
  • I want that purple leather jacket, does anyone know where it’s from?

    Faith ReeceFaith ReeceVor Monat
  • I NEED that star pj set in my life in obsessed with stars so much so I have 29 tattooed on myself please let me know where you got it looks so comfy!

    TheGolloGangTheGolloGangVor Monat
  • Crocs is the only shoes I can wear. I have wide feet and just weird feet and these are the best! I have non holes for winter and ones with holes for summer.

    Lizzie TurbevilleLizzie TurbevilleVor Monat
  • I agree with Gallup, the furry inside pair is what I'd pick for at home, and Adrian's tiedye for out of the house. Yeah!

    Bonnie S FBonnie S FVor Monat
  • Mom is upside down and I love it

    Christine WeihbrechtChristine WeihbrechtVor Monat
  • I always had knock offs lol

    Christine WeihbrechtChristine WeihbrechtVor Monat
  • Molly I love your new hair and your outfits are great but as a long time nurse who was around and working when Croc's came out, I will always think of the classic clog style one as "OR" shoes because the OR staff at the hospital all seemed to wear them because they are plastic and could easily be disinfected and are comfy if you have to be on your feet for hours. I do like the platform ones though. I have never seen them before.

    Denise maloney pirenDenise maloney pirenVor Monat
  • It’s amazing how she still has amazing style when she can’t even see what she’s picking out!

    Sophia GorlitzSophia GorlitzVor Monat
  • CROCS was right to sponsor you because I need another pair now. Thank you! I absolutely loved the CROC sneakers. Very simplistic, light and fashionable.

    Nancy MurbachNancy MurbachVor Monat
  • love ur bf hair with the crocs he looks like davic bowie like carefree colorful look

    Jenny BarreraJenny BarreraVor Monat
  • promoting fur... promoting animal cruelty.... yikes

    Serena RaquelSerena RaquelVor Monat
  • Omg where is her shirt from the intro from???

    Samantha HurleySamantha HurleyVor Monat
  • When Crocs first came out, I was like 20 and I HATED THEM SO MUCH. I'm now the only person in the world who still wears them all the damn time (especially for quick walks to the mailbox or whatever) and they are PERFECT for kids shoes. And Crocs ballet flats are SO COMFY for work.

    IceNixie0102IceNixie0102Vor Monat
  • The only thing wrong with this video is that crocs are really bad for your feet there have been studies done that all say they damage people feet

    Katie WattKatie WattVor Monat
  • I wish there was clips of the full outfit more. From a little further away. The outfits are so cute though and I love the video

    Lauren EdmundsLauren EdmundsVor Monat
  • I have the fuzzy light blue pair and I looove them!!!

    Kaitlin AKaitlin AVor Monat
  • She has such good style!

    KiwiKiwiVor Monat
  • Very cute outfits :)

    KsGurlGamerKsGurlGamerVor Monat
  • I can't imagine wearing cuffed pants! With a 36 inch inseam all I want is to find a pair of pants that are long enough.

    S.J. RiverS.J. RiverVor Monat
  • Where are the purple paper bag pants from? So cute!

    Vivian NguyenVivian NguyenVor Monat
  • I just found you on Rachel’s DEhave and noticed you’re last name is Burke haha so is mine!!

    Maddy BurkeMaddy BurkeVor Monat
  • Awww, Gallop 🥺❤️

    Anika MeiselAnika MeiselVor Monat
  • Omg I have loved cross for so long but I only have the classic ones in different colors since they're the only ones I can find at the thrift store. :( sucks to be broke

    Andi Diaz del ValleAndi Diaz del ValleVor Monat
  • As someone who ALWAYS wears crocs, but is also annoyed that they look awful and don't match any of my outfits, I will most likely be looking at the prettier shoes you mentioned.

    Keira SchneiderKeira SchneiderVor Monat
  • I have a pair of Croc slip-on sandals, and I tend to wear the heck out of those during the summer months! If only it was warm enough for me to wear them now.... :/

    Amy HooverAmy HooverVor Monat
  • I had the fur lined crocs in like '05 '06 lol I lived in them and loved them

    Michele MartinMichele MartinVor Monat
  • I’m pregnant and crocs are the only shoe I can/will 😂 I have a fuzzy blue pair because it’s cold in Arkansas

    Alexis MitchellAlexis MitchellVor Monat
  • Who wants to see a molly burke x crocks, i love crocs

    Sharena xoSharena xoVor Monat
  • No thank you

    Kathy KinderKathy KinderVor Monat
  • Not my style

    Kathy KinderKathy KinderVor Monat
  • Y’all trying to bring crocs back lol they’ve been back since 2019

    the complexionthe complexionVor Monat
  • My favorite were the purple/violet/lavender Crocs

    Nicki GmanNicki GmanVor Monat
  • I honestly had no idea Croc's made anything but the "original" ones...

    Sami EylSami EylVor Monat
  • Monday's not my fave day of the week, but it's my fave croc day! Those black crocs are so pretty :)

    Not Actually A CatNot Actually A CatVor Monat
  • THOSE PURPLE HIGH WAISTED PANTS LOOK LIKE THEY WERE MADE FOR YOU! I know you’re blind so you can’t really see how they fit but they are literally perfect 👌

    Sami StarSami StarVor Monat
  • I think if any other youtuber had done a video partnered with Crocs, I would have assumed they did it just for the sponsor money with no interest in ever actually wearing Crocs (no shade, we all gotta eat) but I genuinely believe that Molly will wear Crocs, and that makes the video more fun. Tbh those platform Crocs actually surprised me, they do look pretty cute.

    Kayla EssKayla EssVor Monat
  • omg loe that t-shirt :O

    Ploop QueenPloop QueenVor Monat
  • I just bought my boyfriend a pair for Christmas. I thought they weren’t that cute but I was looking at them and I’m like huh... I think I need a pair

    Lissett OrellanaLissett OrellanaVor Monat
  • Purple crocs looks so cute on u molly 😍😍 Watching ur video makes me wanna get one too

    felicia teofelicia teoVor Monat
  • Your clothes styling is always on point and super cute, but Crocs are just fugly! Not for me 😆

    Linda TannockLinda TannockVor Monat
  • The fuzzy crocs were my favorite. I also loved the wedge heels. My favorite outfit though was the comfy pajama set! And who knew crocs made slippers!!!

    Alice Friedmeyer VacekAlice Friedmeyer VacekVor Monat
  • Aye I was born in 2007, I still grew up in crocs and I really want to get a pair and bring back my childhood

    K DiyK DiyVor Monat
  • I loooooooove these looks 😍😍😍 You did incredible as always. I think the lavender look was my favourite and the pink velvet top is so stunning. This was such a fun watch, thank you Molly! ❤️

    Priya JoshiPriya JoshiVor Monat
  • I use fake crocs everyday to go in the basement and get the mail...but, I am starting to feel the driveway gravel through the soles! Are real crocs that soft to feel gravel?

    Sarah FrickSarah FrickVor Monat
  • i love that shirt so much

    Larisa ZafiuLarisa ZafiuVor Monat
  • I love the tattoos you have to represent your two "home countries". 🧡

    Zaikura- ChanZaikura- ChanVor Monat
  • Low key want the platform ones

    Emily RouseEmily RouseVor Monat
  • Molly I just have to say I LOVE those crocs you were wearing😘❤️❤️

    SunflowerrSunflowerrVor Monat
  • Nobody: Molly: rocking shorts in December

    SunflowerrSunflowerrVor Monat
  • YOU LOOK SO GOOD (intro outfit) !!!

    Teresa Olea GonzalezTeresa Olea GonzalezVor Monat
  • lol dang the lavender ones are out of stock

    NatNatVor Monat
  • Ahhh, I got the black and beige sandals this summer and I LOVE THEM!

    tori portmantori portmanVor Monat
  • I have no idea if you will see this Molly but I LOVE that purple leather jacket, where did you get it??

    Sarah NuscherSarah NuscherVor Monat
  • The sneakers and the platform sandals actually look nice. The slides were ok. But the "classic clog" will never be classed as cute in my head

    kikibirdballkikibirdballVor Monat
  • Wed, thu, Fri outfits for the win!

    Chantell SenekalChantell SenekalVor Monat

    chumchumchumchumVor Monat
  • Oh my god I need a pair of the sneakers 🙀🙀🙀🙀

    Sara BracamontesSara BracamontesVor Monat
  • People would wear crocs at summer camp and the counselors would always tell the kids to put the “adventure strap” down so I call the band the adventure strap

    Sabrina KuhnSabrina KuhnVor Monat
  • My favorite outfit pairing was the purple moto jacket with the sneaker crocs.

    Lori MirandaLori MirandaVor Monat
  • day 11 asking to do a review on sugarbabexo.com

    Bella Da SilvaBella Da SilvaVor Monat
  • That newspaper shirt in the beginning... I love it. You look fantastic ♡

    cheyenne and the famjamcheyenne and the famjamVor Monat
  • I didn’t know that crocs had sneakers but they are stinking cute!

    Jackie LowreyJackie LowreyVor Monat
  • i like with purple ones

    Caroline RoellinghoffCaroline RoellinghoffVor Monat
  • The old styles are like retro cool now!! But I love the platform and I need comfy. Perfect.

    The Hunny BeThe Hunny BeVor Monat
  • First of all you are so pretty and your cat is really cute and second of all can I ask if you are fully blind or just half blind

    Brystol HorschBrystol HorschVor Monat
  • Wait I had no idea crocks made cute shoes like those sandals at the beginning

    Charlotte ClaspillCharlotte ClaspillVor Monat
  • The first outfit gave me such Taylor swift reputation vibes and evermore is like everything

    KenniKenniVor Monat
  • I want to buy crocs now

    smøl tacøsmøl tacøVor Monat
  • I don’t know if they sell soft sneakers but if they do I def need a pair

    Jade RamosJade RamosVor Monat
  • your outfits are always so cute. even the intros 🥺

    m mcclainm mcclainVor Monat
  • Where did you get that matching black and starry lounge/ pj set?? I neeeed it

    Katie FalboKatie FalboVor Monat
  • Everyone in this comment section is so cool. Love it.

    Rebecca LubinRebecca LubinVor Monat
  • I unironically LOVE crocs and have always wanted a pair. People always make fun of it and everything but if you've ever tried them on, they're comfortable. They have a ton of different styles so if you really hate the clog look then there are other types.

    SidereaSidereaVor Monat
  • You should definitely get lavender some kitty crocs

    Ruby pearceRuby pearceVor Monat